2-1-1 Virginia

About 2-1-1 VIRGINIA

2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember phone number connecting people with free information on available community services.

When you dial 2-1-1, a trained professional listens to your situation and suggests sources of help
using one of Virginia's largest health and human services databases.

2-1-1 VIRGINIA provides access to services in your community and statewide.
All referrals are confidential and you can search for these same services on the 2-1-1 VIRGINIA Web site.

2-1-1 Coverage Map

The State of Virginia has 100% Coverage of 2-1-1 services in the State

What is 211 Virginia’s service area?

211 Virginia’s service covers all of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
As of 2022, 96% of the United States has access to 211.

211 Virginia Frequently Asked Questions

211 Virginia is an easy to remember, 24-hour information and referral helpline.

It’sdesigned to reduce time and frustration by acting as a central access point to the health and human services in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

211 Virginia is the place with the answers you need to live well in Virginia.

211 Virginia is Virginia’s free one-stop shop for help:

  • It’s a telephone helpline.

  • It’s also searchable online.

211 Virginia is always open, always confidential, and always free.
Speak to a live person when you call in English or Spanish.

The 211 Virginia team can also interpret more than 150 languages.

211 Virginia is open and available for everyone in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

You can connect with 211 by:

Right this very minute, there are people at our contact center waiting for your call or text.
211 Virginia has trained them to guide you to the help you need.

If you are outside of Virginia looking for help in Virginia or having an issue reaching call 1-800-230-6977 toll free.

211 Virginia is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

211 Virginia is multi-lingual with English and Spanish speaking staff, and a professional 24-hour phone interpretation service for over 150 languages.

Two-way texting is available in English and Spanish.

211 Virginia employs 24 Community Resource Specialist with extensive 211 experience, to be our contact center.

211 Virginia is staffed by highly-trained, accredited professionals who follow national standards of excellence.

211 Virginia expert navigators who work at the contact center are standing by to take your phone calls and texts. 

211 Virginia helps individuals, families, and providers navigate and connect with a wide
range of local health and human services, including:

  • Mental health services
  • Addiction support and rehabilitation
  • Crisis counseling
  • Supplemental food programs
  • Shelter and affordable housing options
  • Employment and education support
  • Financial support
  • Disaster information and relief

And many more

How can an agency or organization be included in the 211 Virginia resource database?

211 Virginia works with health and human service providers from all across Virginia, to provide accurate, concise referrals for residents. We invite providers of health and human services for Virginia residents to join in as a 211 Virginia partner.

Apply to add your organization, programs and services to the 211 Virginia resource database by completing a 211 Virginia Service Provider Application Form.

Be sure to read the 211 Virginia Inclusion Policy to see if your organization is eligible to be listed. 

How can I request an update to information about my agency or organization?

Service providers are encouraged to update information about their organization, programs and services frequently so that together we can provide the most complete and accurate information and referrals.

Updates can be provided to 211 at any time throughout the year.

211 Virginia recommends providers update their information within 48 hours of a program addition,
change or closure.

No. 211 Virginia is always free and completely confidential. It’s also anonymous—you do
not need to give your name or provide personal details to get information.

Virginia Department of Social Services leads 211, but many other health and human
services providers in our state, including United Way, contribute time, talent and money
to make it run smoothly.

If you’re a Virginia resident in need of help and calling from a cell phone outside of Virginia or if you’re having trouble connecting to 211, call 1-800-230-6977.

If you have trouble calling 211 Virginia at work, contact your information services staff to change permissions on the telephone system to allow 211 Virginia dialing access.

  • Telecommunications may need to be modified to work with complex phone systems that go through private switches to reach an outside line.
  • Organizations have found success establishing a 211 infrastructure by mimicking 911 implementations at a high level by calling 211 from multiple types of phone connections.

211 Virginia is available for everyday challenges and during times of crisis and disaster.

211 Virginia works with local partners and governments to help you connect to up-to-date information and available services.

211 Virginia will connect you to resources that are available in your community. Contact specialists will use your zip code to search our database of over 20,000 listings and provide you with referrals to the agencies with services that will meet your needs. 

Program listings come from federal, state, and local governments, non-profit agencies,
faith-based organizations, and for-profit companies.

Call 7-1-1 to access 211 Virginia through Virginia Relay.