Our Impact

For 85 years, with the help of 150 volunteers, and over 3,000 donors UWHCM drives change by providing community-elected funding to local agencies such as Smart Beginnings Martinsville Henry, VITA Tax Service, and Martinsville Henry County Assistance Network.

We Are: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

United Way of Henry County & Martinsville approved a plan to reflect Henry County & Martinsville's impact priorities in the areas of Education, Financial Stability and Healthy Living.
We view these focus areas as essential to improve our most vulnerable families' quality of life, promote communal growth, and successfully Live United in our hometown.

The community also made it clear that they want us to support programs that help with Basic Needs/Emergency Services.

For a complete listing of our Community Investment Funding Priorities, click here.

Your Gift. Your Choice.

United Way of Henry County & Martinsville plays a unique role as both a resource to local agencies, and a leader in the nonprofit sector. We invest local contributions from our annual campaign drive into our Community Impact Grants.

The funding of these grants come from generous contributions to our Annual Campaign: general gifts, and designated gifts.

  • General Gifts - Go to our volunteer-made Community Investment Review Panel to determine which area(s) in our community need the most assistance
  • Designated Gifts - Are assigned specifically by individual donors to go to an organization or cause of their choosing based on our partnered agencies.

Funding decision for these grants are made through an annual competitive process overseen by our Community Investment Review Panel. This diverse group of 20-30 volunteers ensure our investment with local contributions has the greatest community impact on our focus of education, financial stability, and healthy living.


ALS Axton Life Saving FIA Friends of Infinity Acres Ranch RRS Ridgeway Rescue Squad ANC Anchor Commission FMY Family YMCA SAM Salvation Army ARC American Red Cross FOY FOCUS on Youth SSR Southside Survivor Response Center BRS Bassett Rescue Squad GSS Girl Scouts SSS Stepping Stones BSA Boy Scouts GNW Grace Network STP STEP, Inc. BGC Boys & Girls Club HFP Henry County Food Pantry VLA Virginia Legal Aid Society CDC Community Dream Center HRS Horsepasture Rescue Squad OUW Other United Way-fill in location EAD Edwards Adult Day Care PCS Piedmont Community Services FCR Fieldale-Collinsville Rescue Squad PVD Piedmont VA Dental Health Foundation