Annual Campaign Objective

Supporters advocate to strengthen and sustain local UWHCM initiatives to drive education, healthy living, and financial stability for the community of Henry County and Martinsville through offering peer-centered opportunities to participate in UWHCM’s Annual Campaign as Coordinators, Volunteers, and/or Donors.

Campaign Information

You Can Make a Difference

Individuals and Families can contribute to the annual campaign by making a donation online or sending a check to the United Way of Martinsville & Henry County (UWHCM). UWHCM also offers several levels of giving including Leadership Giving, Tocqueville Giving & Women's Leadership Initiative Giving. 


Invest in community-driven solutions to advance education, health, and financial well-being for all in Henry County and Martinsville. Leave your mark and be honored as part of our Leadership Circle.


Help be our voice: speak out, be informed, engage with your neighbors, co-workers, & colleagues to raise awareness about local causes.


Join our network of leaders! Share your input on public policy decisions, bring a friend, learn something new, build relationships, participate in our Day of Action, and strive for greatness.

Whether you choose to give once a month, or once a year, we absolutely cannot do it without your support.
We offer a variety of options to give: online, postal mail, or even in-person! 

Thank you for choosing to LIVE UNITED.

Mail-In Donation Pledge Forms

Please Send Pledge Items to:
United Way of Henry County & Martinsville
ATTN: Donor Services
P.O. Box 951
Martinsville, VA, 24114


Email Electronic Copies to


A workplace campaign is an employer-driven program that offers their employees the opportunity to make a charitable contribution.
There are three components that in best practice workplaces can utilize to promote a success campaign:

(1) Choose a Campaign Coordinator (2) Recruit a Campaign Committee (3) Set a Worksite Goal

Employee Pledges

Employee Pledges to United Way of Henry County & Martinsville is one of our most successful approach to the annual campaign. Yearly gifts can be pledged via our 2022-2023 Campaign Pledge Form, and then dispersed to the United Way incrementally each pay period until a participant meets their goal. This is an excellent way to drive friendly competition between departments or shifts, and facilitate team-building along the way. Consider participating in a company match system to achieve larger goals.

Corporate Giving

As an employer, one of the best ways to show your company’s dedication to your Workplace Campaign is through providing a Corporate Gift. Additionally, you could accept United Way’s challenge to sign-up as a Pacesetter Company: this requires you commit your corporate pledge prior to the official campaign kickoff.

Special Events

Hosting a Special Event, a one-time occasion such as a Golf Tournament, is an excellent option to raise additional funds from those that are not interested in participating in payroll deductions. Some events that our partners have participated in the past include Car Washes, Bake Sales, and additional fundraising events. There are many options available, both digital and in-person, that can be accommodated to your company’s size and help personalize your workplace campaign.

Pacesetter Companies have the privilege of being recognized by our community on our Day of Action.

Local Small Business Partnerships

UWHCM does its best to support all local small businesses in Henry County and Martinsville, Virginia. That's why each year we offer local small businesses the opportunity to participate in our annual Community Care Card (CCC). Community Care Cards are a Win-Win Item that UWHCM offers to donors that give at least $130 annually to United Way of Henry County and Martinsville's Annual Campaign / General Fund. There is no direct cost for our local small businesses to participate in the our annual CCC's: all we ask is that a participating business honors the promotion if the coupon is presented to their business during the active period of the CCC. 

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Campaign Goal

Each year your local United Way's Volunteers lead our Resource Committee, Board of Directors, and Community Investment Review Panel to plan, review, and approve annual United Way funding for programs and initiatives in Henry County and Martinsville, Virginia. Programs that receive funding from United Way of Henry County and Martinsville undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure that programs provide measurable, attainable, and lasting long-term solutions to our community's most demanding needs in education, financial stability, and healthy living.

The United Way of HCM's annual campaign takes place from September through July of the following calendar year.

Day of Action kicks-off our campaign by challenging the caring power of our community to commit their time for just a small portion of one single day to serve local agencies in various community development projects and drives.

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Please direct any questions, comments, and concerns regarding the United Way of Henry County and Martinsville's Annual Campaign to Rebecca Conter, Workplace Engagement & Donor Services Specialist, at


Thank you for choosing to LIVE UNITED in Henry Co. & Martinsville, VA.