Bank On Martinsville-Henry

Bank On is an initiative to enable and encourage all people to participate in the financial system.

We help you...

  • Establish standards for safe, affordable and convenient bank accounts;
  • Connect with banks and credit unions to start utilizing their services;
  • Gain more control of your personal finance goals, and increase ease-of-access to your money.

Does your program have certain eligibility requirements?

Our program is for all U.S. Citizens to open and use banking accounts at our banking partners.

The financial institutions need to have an account that is certified to meet the Bank On National Account Standards.

What do you enjoy most about your program?

Seeing people overcome their negative views of "banking" and starting to participate in our mainstream financial system. With Bank On bank accounts and direct deposit, people are getting their money faster, safer, and cheaper.

What is something that you would tell a prospect about your program, who you think would benefit from your service, but may be hesitant to reach out?

Banking is a critical first step along the financial growth journey. Banks are convenient, safe and reliable places to keep your money. Our accounts have low predictable fees including no overdraft, minimum balance or activity fees.

Please forward any questions about BankOn Martinsville-Henry to:

Angelica Yellock
BankOn Martinsville-Henry Fellow
276.638.3946 x112



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