Leadership Giving

These are our champions who have joined our pursuit to accessible education, heathy living, and financial stability.

United Way of Henry County and Martinsville has a program in place to recognize individual donors who make annual gifts that range from $600 to $9,999. Every year, champions who complete charitable contributions of six-hundred dollars or more are widely recognized (unless otherwise requested) as members of UWHCM’s Leadership Circle.

Our five-tier system honors those whose charitable support lifts our community and allows us all to LIVE UNITED.

Please Join Us in Thanking our 2022-2023 Leadership Circle Members for their generous contributions.

United Way Tocqueville Society



Founded more than 20 years ago, United Way's Tocqueville Society was established to deepen the understanding, commitment, and support of our most generous community investors. Membership in the Society is granted to individuals who contribute at least $10,000 annually to their local United Way. Currently, there are almost 400 local United Way Tocqueville Societies nationwide. United Way of Henry County and Martinsville is proud to be home to our very own Tocqueville Society. Our members passionately champion our mission to advance education, financial stability, and healthy living in Henry County and Martinsville.

Susan & Will Pannill

Linda & Roscoe Reynolds

Mr. George Lester

Leadership Circle Members

Members of our leadership circle champion the United Way of Henry County & Martinsville’s annual giving campaign. We are proud to recognize these individuals who show extraordinary concern and dedication to ensure a higher quality of life for all families in our community. Together, we stand. Together, we LIVE UNITED.

Ms. Betsy Holsinger

Suzanne & Rusty Lacy

Mr. Gary & Mrs. Susan Collins

Mr. Mike & Mrs. Tara Daniel

Margie & Paul Eason

Mr. Butch & Mrs. Virginia Hamlet

Mr. William L. Harder

Mr. Don & Mrs. Amy Lampe

Dr. Gene & Mrs. Anne Madonia

Mr. Thomas W. Mahoney

Mr. Leeland & Mrs. Prillaman

Mr. Randy & Mrs. Dotty Robertson

Elaine & Larry Ryder

Anne & Eric Smith

Rich & Lisa Spiker

Mr. Bill & Mrs. Catherine Stone

Litz & Jackie Van Dyke

Dr. Christopher Allaman, DDS

Mrs. Ann H. Austin
in memoriam Mr. John J. Austin

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Beeler

The Honorable & Mrs. 
Robert Bushnell

Dr. & Mrs.  Mark Crabtree

Mr. Gregory Crom

Mrs. Stephen Dashoff

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Dickens

Sheriff Steve Draper

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Edwards

Mr. & Mrs. William Fain

Mrs. Bonnie Favero

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Greene

Jonathan & Jessica Hartsock

Mrs. Monica Hatchett

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hensley

Mr. Robert Hubble

Mr. & Mrs. Dru Ingram

Hank & Kathy Long

Dr. Raymond Mallinak

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Monday

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Mel Petersen

Michael S. Prillaman

Dr. & Mrs. Clarence Reaser

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Severt

Mr. & Mrs. Rob Spilman

Mr. & Mrs. Guy Stanley

Mr. & Mrs. Noel Ward

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Wenkstern

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Williams

Mr. Chip Wyatt

Gerasimo Zanatos

Mr. Charles Aaron

Mr. Johne Albanese

Mr. Sergio Amato

Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Bassett

Mr. Evan Blunt

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Boaz

Mr.  David W. & Mrs.
Shirley Bowles

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Bowles

Mr. & Mrs. Manly Boyd

Ms. Karen R. Burgess

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Burnette

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Carney

Lowell Tyler & Ashley Elaine Carter

Gael & Smith Chaney

Mr. Derrick E. Claggett

Toy & Joe Cobbe

Mr. Bruce & Mrs. 
Kena Cohenour

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Coleman

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Collins

Mrs. Jane Ann Davis

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Dennis

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Devault

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Erikson

Mrs. James H. Ford

Mrs. Melissa A. Fowler

Mrs. Claude Frick

Ms. Marsha E. Frith

Dr. & Mrs. Ross Gale

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Garrett

Mr. Rob Gehman

Mr. Scott & Mrs. 
Alisa Grindstaff

Dr. Ned Gross

Ms. Sarah Gunter

Justin Heath Harmon

Mr. Glenn A. Hawkins

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hodges

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Hoy

Mr. Paul & Mrs. 
Annette Huckfeldt

Mr. James F. Hudson

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Hughes

Mrs. Amy Jarrett

Dr. Charles W. & Mrs. 
Erin Jenkins

Mr. Matt Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Johnston

Mr. E. C. & Mrs. 
Brenda Jordan

Dr. & Mrs. Mervyn King

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Kinkema

Mr. William L. Kirby

Dr. John LaFave

Mr. Billy Lankford

Mr. Joshua Lucas

Mrs. Beverly Lyle

Mr. James McClain

Mr. Craig & Mrs. 
Terese McCroskey

The Honorable & Mrs. James McGarry

Mr. John & Mrs. 
Melanie McLarty

Mr. David K. McMillan

Dr. James K. 
& Mrs. Susan Muehleck

Mr. & Mrs. William Nease

Mr. Ricky Nelson

Ms. Mary Nester

Dr. Scott O`Neil

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Peitz

Mr. David K. Peterson

Mr. John R. Pratt

Mr. Carl & Mrs. Kathy Reynolds

Mr. & Mrs. Walt Rhea

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Riddle

Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Shough

Mr. Kevin Silveira

Mr. Fred D. Smith, Jr. & Mrs. Rebecca Smith

Dr. John R. Smith

Dr.& Mrs. Edward Snyder

Mr. Jeff & Mrs. 
Frances Stegall

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Teague

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Teegen

Mr. Leon Towarnicki

Ms. Barbara Truman

Mr. Carter Underwood

Mr. Bruce Valley

Ms. Loleader M. Valentine

Mr. Philip Wenkstern

Mr. & Mrs. Eddie White

Ms. Ellen L. Wood

Dr. & Mrs. Steven M. Yellin

When possible, UWHCM honors our Leadership Circle Members through private events such as an annual picnic or luncheon. We are immensely grateful for their contribution and support.

Thank You for Supporting UWHCM

Please Note: It is our sincere hope that we listed all the leadership gifts correctly for our 2022-2023 Giving Cycle.  
If by chance there is an error, please contact Rebecca Conter at Rebecca@UnitedWayofHCM.org